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Moving Tips
  • Arrange for servicemen to disconnect any appliances with special connections. This is not the responsibility of the mover.
  • Pack all dishes well, wrap seperately with unprinted newsprint.
  • Take down any fixtures such as hangers and drapery rods which you will be taking with you.
  • Arrange disposal of perishable goods from refrigerators, freezers or cupboards. It is essential that the inside of the refrigerators and freezers be completely dry.
  • Before we depart, check your closets, basement, and garage for possible leftovers.
  • Arrange to take personal care of valuables such jewlery, money, documents and furs with you.
  • Do not overfill or overweigh boxes.
  • Lamp shades should be in boxes.
  • Tape all boxes top and bottom.
  • Plants should not be watered. Plants and pets are not the responsibility of the mover.
  • Please keep in mind that we cannot carry propane tanks, alcohols, aerosol cans, firearms, perishables, open liquids, and combustibles in accordance with transport laws.
  • It is not necessary, but having your beds disassembled saves us time and you money.
  • If you pack small boxes with odds and ends, label them later for convenience.
  • Your clothes can remain in your drawers. Any loose or heavy items should be boxed.
  • Number each room in your house with a "sticky note", and do the same with your boxes for easier placement.